Welcome to Cast Iron Games

Welcome to Cast Iron Games. This is a blog for board and card game lovers which will discuss many topics in the board game world from board game reviews, rules breakdowns, strategy discussions, event/convention reports, and more!

My name is Chad Martinell. I am a middle-aged traffic and transportation engineer with a serious love of board games. I have been married to my spectacular wife Jan for almost 8 years, and we currently live in southern California (Beaumont, for those that recognize it). We are getting ready to move to the Seattle area and we are very excited. I am especially excited to have multiple game stores within a close proximity to my home. Here I have to drive forty-five minutes minimum to game at a store. I am sad to be giving up not one, but two different game groups. The first group is comprised of some of my best friends in the world. We’ve known each other since high school, and have never really lost touch. We started playing board games and then moved into the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering. We had played it back in the day and this was a return to the game for us. Eventually we were playing Magic almost exclusively. Having a thirst for board games (and a collection that rarely saw any play), I started to search out other groups. I eventually found a group through Facebook, and decided to check it out. It turns out that another of my childhood friends (known since junior high school) also was a member of this group, so a great lost connection was re-formed. Sadly, I’ve only been a part of that group for a few months, and now I am leaving it. Fortunately my wife and I will travel back to the area often as both of our families and many great friends are here, so I will be able to visit my groups from time-to-time.

My taste in board games is vast. My absolute favorite board game is Tikal. I love exploring the jungle, searching for temples and treasures, and the game system is simple enough to be easy to learn, but there is a fair amount of strategy in where you go and which temples you want to fight for. As I said, my tastes vary quite a bit, and my collection confirms that. I will finish out with a few pics from my Table Top Day event this year. Note that nothing newer than April is here, since that’s when these pictures were taken, and you’ve never heard of the “Math is Hard” game because I created it specifically for the event. (If you are interested in publishing it… drop me a line!)

IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3053 IMG_3050


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