Brief Overview – Cyclades


Brief Overview

Cyclades is a game for two to five players by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc, released by Asmodee. Cyclades is an area control game in which the players bid to obtain the favors of the Greek gods Ares, Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, and Apollo. Each god grants a specific action, for example Ares allows you to place and move troops and Poseidon allows you to place and move fleets. Each god, except for Apollo also allows you to build certain buildings. The positions of the gods changes each round such that the actions will always be taking place in different orders and the last person to place a bid will be the first to place a bid the following turn. The goal of the game is to control two metropolises at the end of a turn, if you do, then you win. To build a metropolis you must build all four of the available building types or gather four philosophers from Athena. Space is tight in the aisles of Cyclades and you must battle your opponents for space. The more islands you control, the more income you generate which helps you gain the favor of the gods. If you conquer an opponent-controlled island which also contains any buildings, you gain control of those buildings as well. Gather troops and fleets to move them from island to island and battle for control. Finally, as if the favors of the gods weren’t enough call upon mythological creatures like the pegasus, cyclops, and the mighty kraken to help you in your fight!


Some people are most fond of Euro-games while others are Ameri-trash fans. I like all types of games, barring some issue that I might have with a specific one. Cyclades is a balance of several game types. It definitely has a euro-game feel with the area control, bidding, and civilization building aspects, but it also fills that Ameri-trash role with the combat (die rolls!) and awesome miniatures. I think it does what it wants to well, and keeps the players engaged. A balance between fleets, troops, and the economy are important to keep, and you want to be expanding out to the various islands to gain economic advantage, but you really have to watch yourself to make sure that your assets are protected, because anyone can just swoop in five troops on a pegasus to steal your island, and therefore your gold!


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