Brief Overview – Coup

pic2016054_mdCoup is a social deduction, bluffing card game designed by Rikki Tahta and distributed by Indie Boards & Cards. It follows in the footsteps of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but is more reliant on the cards and the various actions that a player may take than on the social aspects of the game like Werewolf. Much like Werewolf or even Love Letter players are eliminated until there is just one player left standing. It is a small game, but I wouldn’t categorize it as “micro”, and it plays in about 15 minutes with 2-6 players.

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Brief Overview – Love Letter


Love Letter was a huge phenomenon the past couple of years and pretty much spawned the “micro-game” category… at least in terms of popularity. Seiji Kanai is the designer of this game which contains just sixteen cards and some tokens, and it is published by Alderac Entertainment Group. In Love Letter each player is attempting to win the heart of the princess by getting her their romantic letters via the people closest to her (the cards).  Continue reading

Weekly Game Report: 2/1-2/7/16

Good news and bad news everybody. The good news is that I got a job! The bad news is that it is in the opposite direction from the regular game night I’ve been going to… so until I can find another game night somewhere along my commute, I’ll be a little lighter on the weekly updates. But heck, that just means that the articles will be a little easier for me to write, right?

At game night this week I was able to jump into a game of Steampunk Rally, and play a prototype Kickstarter game called Ultimate Scheme. Aside from that Jan and I met our friends Emily and Adam in San Francisco for some “Big Game” events (but not the game itself), as well as some celebration for Emily’s birthday. While there we were able to get in a couple of games, of course.

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Brief Overview – Concept

pic1907628_mdDid you ever want to play charades, but without all of the acting? Concept is a guessing game where the clues are given via icons on a game board and a ton of colorful tokens. 2-14 players can play this party game which lasts about 40 minutes, but in reality can go as short or as long as you like. Concept was designed by Gaetan Beaujannot and Alain Rivollet and is distributed by Repos Production.

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Brief Overview – Ultimate Scheme

Ultimate scheme is a game of world domination! Each of the 2-5 players is in control of a different sinister faction trying to wreak havoc in the world by carrying out nefarious plots. Your minions travel the world collecting resources because you always need resources to carry out a nefarious plot. Once you have sown enough anarchy in the world you can claim victory and claim the world! Ultimate Scheme was designed by Richard Baker and is being published by Sasquatch Game Studio. It is currently on Kickstarter with the campaign ending on February 25th, 2016.


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Weekly Game Report – 1/25-1/31

I know, I know… I’m late with this week’s update. It turned out that my week was filled up with a lunch interview, and several hours of work for my old company. Last week was still a good week for gaming however. I played games at my regular game night as well as attending the board game challenge at Blue Highway Games!

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