Weekly Game Report – 1/25-1/31

I know, I know… I’m late with this week’s update. It turned out that my week was filled up with a lunch interview, and several hours of work for my old company. Last week was still a good week for gaming however. I played games at my regular game night as well as attending the board game challenge at Blue Highway Games!

We started game night off with a new game that is currently on Kickstarter, Control (Brief Overview). Mike taught Jack and I the game and the three of us played several rounds. we started off each of us kind of playing his own game, but with Control you really have to keep your opponents in check. As we grew more comfortable with the various mechanics, intricacies and interactions on the cards our games grew longer and longer. We never got to the point of running out of cards, but it was close a couple of times. In the end I think that I picked up on the “golden rule” of the game a tad bit earlier than the other guys and was able to steal a couple of games because of it. That rule is, if a player is over eleven points, you have to assume that they can win. If you can get them below eleven, then they will not be able to win the game in their next turn. Jack had the ability to get me below eleven a couple of games but chose to advance his own board instead, and I was able to win those games as a result.

After Control Ian, Zandra, Rob and I played a few rounds of Codenames (Brief Overview). I enjoy Codenames more and more each time that I play it. Each time I get the opportunity to see how others link various words together which in turn allows me to get better at linking those words, but also at coming up with interesting ways to link up more words in the future. Ian and I played against Zandra and Rob, and if I recall correctly, Zandra and Rob won two of our three games.

Game night was almost over, so rather than try to get in another game myself, I watched some of the group try their hand at Escape: The Curse of the Temple. Escape is a cooperative game where the players all roll dice simultaneously to try and move from room to room exploring the temple for treasures, but more importantly for a way out. The game is timed, and even comes with its own soundtrack! You know what? It would just be better to show you!

Each month, usually on the third Saturday, Blue Highway games holds a board game tournament as part of their Board Game Challenge! Throughout the year players get points for attending, winning, placing highly, bringing a copy of the game, or even just pre-registering for the event! Since I was new to the area, I only got to three last year, but this year I have my sights set on attending all twelve! This months game was 7 Wonders Duel (Brief Overview). Since this is a two player game they intended to have a single elimination tournament, but at the start they’re were twenty-one players. To get the field down to a perfect bracket size (16) they decided that the ten winners, plus the odd player out with the “buy” , and the five highest scoring losers would advance to the second round. From that point on only the winners would advance.

In the first round I was paired against Lewis. Neither of us had played the game prior to this night, but Lewis had to get himself up to speed on the rules before we could start. I helped as best I could, and we got started. Early on Lewis was grabbing military and I thought I might have to deal with him going for that victory, but it turned out not be a problem. I grabbed a lot of early resources, and as such I was able to build all four of my wonders very early in the game, as well as grab any card I wanted without worry later in the game. It was fairly back and forth, and while I dominated the wonder points Lewis dominated the blue buildings and we ended the game in a tie at 60 points! The tie breaker, of course, is blue buildings, so Lewis won the round! My points were high enough that I made it into round two as well, where I was paired with Lewis.

In round two it seemed much more one-sided in my favor. Again I collected resources early and built wonders fairly quick. I don’t recall all of the specifics, but the scores ended with me barely beating Lewis 65 to 63 and I moved on to round three where I was paired against Paul.

I was soundly thrashed in round three. I had a very difficult time collecting resources, and had built only one wonder by the end of the game. I had to spend coins to buy most anything, and was far behind the whole game. The scores backed this up with Paul in the high sixties as compared to my 35.

This ended my night, and closed out my gaming week. Until next week, get out to your FLGS and game!


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