Cast Iron Game Review -Kingsport Festival the Card Game

Flickering torchlight reveals the rotting beams, musky earth and dank walls that surround you. Your vision blurs as the squealing wind of the storm outside fades to a soft static. You prepare your mind for the torturous rites you are about to invoke. There is ancient energy here, emanating from the decay of the earth beneath you, the destructive forces above, and the evil that lies beyond the veil. The cavern of Erebus is the perfect place.

You know the incantations, but you remember to be fluid, to be open to altering your plans depending on which type of energy you are able to tap into. You know how to alter that energy into other forms, to bend it to your needs. Your goal is set, the forces that you need are clear in your mind. Fetid energy rises from the decaying life in the earth below, but it isn’t enough, you need more. You focus, pulling from the Nightgaunt and more death flows in. You turn your focus upward to the raging storm outside… this would be agony, but you must succeed. You call on the Flying Polyps and destructive energy flows in, mingling with the darkness inside. A scream built on anguish and rage erupts as your mind begins to buckle. You can’t take much more, but you are almost there, more destruction fulfill the needs of the elder gods. You calm your mind and reach into the chaos. You call on the ancient Mi-Go and feel the mixture of ancient energies swirling around you. You feel evil intermixing with the death and destruction you have already gathered. The God won’t answer an evil summons, it must be pure destruction and death! Your mind can’t take much more, but you have to finish. You invoke Rhan-Tegoth. Your screams rend the air as the cracks in your mind expand to the edge of shatter, but the evil energy inside you merges and becomes one with the destructive energy already there. You recite the final incantation and pour the energy from your soul. You collapse into the foul earth. Shadowy tentacles rise in front of you and pure evil fills the air… you have summoned Cthulhu.

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