Cast Iron Game Review – Azul


As one of the King’s personal artists, your presence in the factory garners attention. Workers rush to show you their best hand-painted ceramic tiles. Color and shape explode from the bins and workbenches scattered through the warehouse. What’s this?! You have specifically asked for a certain number of tiles and they made too many! The extras have nowhere to go in your intricate designs and will end up in the bin. What a waste, and you are sure to get a reprimand from the King upon your return to the palace! You collect the tiles that you need and make your way to the palace to put them in place.

IMG_4388.JPGAzul is a tile-laying game for one-to-four players that allows you, a tile-laying artist the chance to embellish the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora. The artist that is able to make the most complete design while minimizing waste will emerge victorious. Michael Kiesling is the designer of this game published by Plan B Games, with art direction by Philippe Guérin. Azul plays over a variable number of rounds, taking between 30-45 minutes to complete a game.

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