Game Design Blitz #1

Last year at some point I received a Kickstarter project that I had backed in 2016. It is called Gamer Deck 1: Mechanics. A standard deck of playing cards containing a suit, a die, a number and a mechanic on each card. The idea is to use the deck to generate game ideas, and to have the deck to use when others develop games using that deck.

Sadly my game design took a back seat and I really didn’t ever try to utilize Gamer Deck. Now that I am working more on my designs I want to keep the creative juices flowing, so I decided to use Gamer Deck each week for a blog series in which one day a week, I spend my train ride to work by developing a game concept using a card randomly pulled from the Gamer Deck.

And here is this week’s card:


  • I can use any aspect of this card in my proposed game, including the whole card if I want to.
  • I may, but do not have to use Gamer Deck as the game components. For this purpose the card’s primary use is simply inspiration.
  • Ideally I come up with a new concept that I haven’t previously thought about, but in rare cases I may become inspired by the card for some aspect of another game I am currently working on.
  • Ideally I utilize the idea to concept a micro game as opposed to a full-blown board game, but I’m not going to limit myself like that.
  • I have to write and post the article while still on the train (this first one might be an exception since I’ve now spent more than half of my train ride writing the description of the series.

The Card

Color: Black

Number: 2

Piece: Chess Pawn

Mechanic: Deployment

The Idea

Deployment is an interesting mechanic, as many games utilize it. Tikal deploys archaeologists to the jungle, Stone Age deploys cave men to various locations in their village, and Risk deploys troops to battle.

I’m thinking perhaps a micro game called Front Line. This would be a two player tactical combat game using a card in-between the two players as the front line behind which each army is entrenched. The card would be divided into 3 lanes and the players would draw three cards and pick one that would tell them a number of troops to deploy, their formation and the lane in which they will advance. After booth players have chosen a card and placed their troops, they advance. Any unprotected lane let’s the troops hit the opponent, reducing the size of their deployment deck. Opposed troops fight based on number and formation (I.e. rock/paper/scissors). Maybe the whole losing formation is lost, maybe only some of them are. Once the opponents Deck is depleted, that player has lost.

I almost caved and went with something that I had previously been working on. I recognize that this idea isn’t necessarily unique, in fact it is quite similar to Memoir ’44, but o think different enough to be compelling.

I hope you enjoy this new series. Please, if you have any comments at all, or want to discuss anything, feel free to leave comments. I must say that I am very excited by the prospect of this series and I look forward to next week’s card!


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