About Cast Iron Game Lab

Cast Iron Game Lab is a blog for board and card game lovers which will discuss many topics in the board game world from board game reviews, game design, rules breakdowns, strategy discussions, event/convention reports, and more! I focus mostly on the “brief overview” article giving my initial impressions after only a couple of plays.


My name is Chad, and I am the owner/content creator for Cast Iron Game Lab. I am an engineer by day and a gamer by… also day, and night. Here I am with some friends – I’m on the right, no, not Mark Hamill, further right! I am married to the love of my life, Jan, and we live in the Pacific Northwest. We moved here from Southern California in the fall of 2015. I work in Seattle and live on the south end of the city. I enjoy commuting by car and train into downtown each day (for now).

I wear many hobby-hats but I am slowly paring those down to just a few. As of now my top-of-the-list hobbies include mainly gaming, either board or card with the card games weighted towards board games. I am have been a player of Magic: the Gathering since roughly 1994, but I don’t play as much as I would like. I am also into cooking in various forms, and have a lot of fun with my smoker, particularly making my own bacon. I also dabble in making bean-to-bar chocolate from time to time, but it has been a while. My “specialty” is cheesecake.

logoMy FLGS is in the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle and it’s called Blue Highway Games. It is smaller than most of the shops in the area but has a good selection and a great gaming community with special events happening all the time. You can probably find me and maybe my wife playing games on weekend evenings with friends at Blue Highway… at least every other weekend.

I dabble a little bit in game design, but I am starting to explore it more these days. I have one “complete” game that I created for my International Table Top Day event in 2015. I wanted a great favor to give my friends and anyone else who showed up so I designed custom dice and then designed a game around those.  I made a total of twelve copies of the game, called Math Is Hard. I have a couple of other games that I would describe as fleshed out in terms of mechanics and theme, but still need work to develop the idea further and balance the game. Beyond that I have several ideas floating around in my head and my Google Drive.

Jan and I are currently looking to dive a little deeper into the game design realm and are planning to start a mobile board-game prototyping studio. It will be slow to start, but we’ll get there. Expect to see the Cast Iron Game Lab trailer at conventions soon!

I enjoy a wide variety of games from party to euro to heavily themed dice-fests… ok, full disclosure, I have a bit of a thing for dice. If a game has awesome dice, it is hard to keep it out of my collection. I have always liked trying new things which affects my game play habits, as I am always obtaining new games, and trying to get them to the table at least once. This is why my primary article is the “Brief Overview”. I know that one or two plays of a game are not enough to form a deep review, so I like to give my first impressions but, so long as I enjoy it, look to play the game more. For those games that I really enjoy I will eventually get to writing a full review.

I hope that you enjoy the content that I write. Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback, as it helps me to become a better writer and more in-tune with what the audience is looking to see.

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