The Influence of Youth – Android: Mainframe

pic2893229_mdI recently saw Android: Mainframe listed in the new arrivals section of my FLGS’s website. I like the cyberpunk genre in general, and having finally decided to part with my copy of Android: Netrunner (it just wasn’t for me), I delved deeper into Android: Mainframe to see what it was all about. Android: Mainframe is a re-implementation of the game Bauhaus. As I researched Mainframe I found that I was familiar with the mechanics of the game, though I had never played Bauhaus. I think, however, that many of us have played a little game called Dots and Boxes. I didn’t realize that this game even had a name, and I think I just called it Dots. The game (Dots) starts with a grid of dots on the page and on their turn the player draws a single line connecting two dots that are orthogonaly adjacent. If the line closes a box, that player writes their initial in the box and takes another turn. The game ends when all of the possible connections are made and the winner is the player who closed the most boxes.

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