Game Design Blitz #21

And today’s card is…

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Weekly Game Report – 1/18-1/24

Settle in y’all, it’s been a good week for gaming! Not only did I go to game night this week, I was also able to meet a friend and play games ALL day long on Saturday! I played two new games at game night, and several games from my collection on Saturday, so I have a lot to talk about!

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Weekend Game Report: A trip… and some games

Do you know what the worst is? The worst is getting a new game in the mail, just days before you are driving across three states! There is still packing to do, and all I want to do is explore the contents of the newest addition to my collection. Sadly, it had to wait, and though I received my copy of Steampunk Rally nearly two weeks ago, I had to wait until last night to bring it to the table! In the meantime however, I did drive across three states and move into a new house… so there’s that.

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