Meeple Coloring #4

Tonight is a Cider & Coloring event at our FLGS, Blue Highway Games on Queen Ann in Seattle!

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Do you want to color?

It is interesting how new fads come and go, and right now the newest fad seems to be adult coloring books! I don’t mean adult in terms of… you know? adult! (though they do have those) I mean a coloring book which adults color in to relax, release stress, and what-have-you .

They even have groups that get together at a coffee shop or some other place to just hang out, chat, and color! My wife received several as Christmas gifts this year, and I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there were some game themed books? I decided that I would go ahead and try to design some pages at least. Here is my first attempt! MEEPLE COLORING 1

I hope you like it. Feel free to download and print the PDF, and even share them around freely if you like! If you want to, please upload scans or photos of your completed pages!

I’m planning on posting a page every couple of weeks.