Bling that Game!

When my wife and I first played Lords of Waterdeep we immediately knew that we had to own the game. After just one play I placed an order for not only the game, but also the expansion, and an upgrade kit to replace the fighter, thief, cleric, and wizard cubes with little meeples. Since then I’ve purchased the Broken Token insert for the game and I’ve backed a Kickstarter campaign to replace the money chits with metal coins. I have yet to receive those coins, but I hear they are almost here!

In the end I’ve spent more money on upgrades for Lords of Waterdeep than I have on the game itself. Companies like Broken Token, Meeple Realty and Meeple Source have made a business of upgrading your games and many people are more than willing to shell out the money to make their favorite game their own.


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Weekly Game Report – 1/18-1/24

Settle in y’all, it’s been a good week for gaming! Not only did I go to game night this week, I was also able to meet a friend and play games ALL day long on Saturday! I played two new games at game night, and several games from my collection on Saturday, so I have a lot to talk about!

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Cast Iron Game Review – Flip City

Flip City

IMG_2664-Edit-(ZF-3293-14457-1-003)The citizens of Flip City want you to expand and renovate their neighborhoods — but if you ask for too much in taxes all at once, they won’t be happy! Flip City is a micro deck building game by designer Chen. Chih Fan, Tasty Minstrel Games, and Homosapiens Lab. The game plays with 1-4 players and lasts 30-50 minutes. For those unfamiliar (come on people, get with the times!) a deck builder is a game in which each player starts with an identical small deck of cards, and as the game progresses, they add more and more cards to their deck. This allows each player to adapt their own deck to whichever strategy they like. In Flip City the cards represent buildings in your city, and each card is double sided (hence the “flip”). Many deck building games have graced the friendly local game store (FLGS) shelves of late, but Flip City is unique among them.

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