Bling that Game!

When my wife and I first played Lords of Waterdeep we immediately knew that we had to own the game. After just one play I placed an order for not only the game, but also the expansion, and an upgrade kit to replace the fighter, thief, cleric, and wizard cubes with little meeples. Since then I’ve purchased the Broken Token insert for the game and I’ve backed a Kickstarter campaign to replace the money chits with metal coins. I have yet to receive those coins, but I hear they are almost here!

In the end I’ve spent more money on upgrades for Lords of Waterdeep than I have on the game itself. Companies like Broken Token, Meeple Realty and Meeple Source have made a business of upgrading your games and many people are more than willing to shell out the money to make their favorite game their own.


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Weekly Game Report 1/11 – 1/17/16

Good Wednesday to you all! I was able to get some games in this past week, how about you? You know, something that I haven’t really stressed much, is reader interaction! I know that I don’t have very many readers yet, but writers, designers, basically anyone that creates something for someone else, really love to get feedback from their audience. Sure, I can look at my statistics and see how many people look at the site, but I don’t know that they actually read the posts unless they provide feedback. So, good or bad, please feel free to leave me some feedback (just try to be civil and if you have a negative response try to be constructive about your criticism)! Now, on to the games for the week!

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