Brief Overview: Titan Race

TitanTitan Race is a dice rolling race game by Fun Forge Games and designer Julian Allain. Each player takes control of one of six titanic monsters from Olaf & Ragnarok to Ftag’hn & Cthooloo and attempts to beat the other monsters by traveling around one of the various race courses that you have to choose from. When I say traveling around, I mean it literally, as there is no track to race on, but rather the board is divided into rows and columns. The monsters can move forward, left and right, never moving backwards, but when they reach either the left, right or front edge of the board they wrap around to the opposite side! Each time a player wraps around from the front of the board to the back they complete a lap, and the first to complete three laps is the winner. Each monster has a unique ability, and each of the boards has spaces with unique effects which make the game asymmetrical to say the least. Some spaces on the board also provide access to bonus cards which provide powerful effects with which to boost yourself forward or keep your enemies back!

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