Weekly Game Report: 2/1-2/7/16

Good news and bad news everybody. The good news is that I got a job! The bad news is that it is in the opposite direction from the regular game night I’ve been going to… so until I can find another game night somewhere along my commute, I’ll be a little lighter on the weekly updates. But heck, that just means that the articles will be a little easier for me to write, right?

At game night this week I was able to jump into a game of Steampunk Rally, and play a prototype Kickstarter game called Ultimate Scheme. Aside from that Jan and I met our friends Emily and Adam in San Francisco for some “Big Game” events (but not the game itself), as well as some celebration for Emily’s birthday. While there we were able to get in a couple of games, of course.

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Weekend Game Report: A trip… and some games

Do you know what the worst is? The worst is getting a new game in the mail, just days before you are driving across three states! There is still packing to do, and all I want to do is explore the contents of the newest addition to my collection. Sadly, it had to wait, and though I received my copy of Steampunk Rally nearly two weeks ago, I had to wait until last night to bring it to the table! In the meantime however, I did drive across three states and move into a new house… so there’s that.

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